James Flanigan, business columnist for the Los Angeles Times, New York Times and other publications, has covered national and international business and economics for 53 years.

For 20 years he wrote a column in the business section of the Los Angeles Times. Since 2005, he has written on small business for the New York Times. During 18 years with Forbes Magazine, he served as bureau chief in Washington, Los Angeles, London and Houston and later in New York as assistant managing editor. He started as a financial journalist at the New York Herald Tribune in 1963. His work has won numerous awards, Gerald_Loeb_Awardincluding the Gerald Loeb Lifetime Achievement Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism and the John Hancock Award for Excellence in Business Journalism.

His book, “Smile Southern California, You’re the Center of the Universe”--published March 2, 2009--tells of Southern California's vibrant business climate and its relation to the global economy. He has also completed the “Biography of Henry Segerstrom and the Evolution of Orange County Society.”

Flanigan, who was born in New York City, is a history and English graduate of Manhattan College. He and his wife Patricia have five adult children and an assortment of exuberant grandchildren.


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